There is Something Wrong with My Baby – update #2

My baby continues with her sleep issues.  My husband and I continue to be grateful for her significant progress with Dr. Miller’s help.  This weekend I realized that I would have to be the one to help her and watch her.  I had made an appointment to see another doctor colleague in San Diego, but then cancelled.  In talking to this doctor I had told him of her sleep issues.  What I wanted to hear was, “Children that have sleep issues, when I treat them, they usually get better.”  I did not hear that.  I was told that I should just make an appointment. 

This weekend, I decided that because of the great work that Dr. Miller did, she should only need, little by little incremental work as her brain grew and stretched out the plates of her skull.  And so I did very little, so fearful of hurting her.  Her worst times to getting to sleep are at about 7 to 8 pm.  She needs a boob in her mouth and even then she kicks and hits with her right arm.  All this activity or inability to wind down actually startles her awake.  I would settle her and leave.  Within 30minutes, she would cry for me.  This happens pretty much nightly. 

This weekend, however, with much grief and guilt for having to touch her, we were pleasantly suprised.  We put the other one down to bed, no problems.  Then I nursed the little one and left her on our bed.  We started watching Avatar and as expected, she startled herself up within an hour.  Our current life is just about that every night.  This time however, instead of stopping the movie and running in every 30minutes, it was about one hour apart.  My husband was very grateful that we managed to complete Avatar in 4 hours; he thought it would take us 2 days to finish it.  The following night, more relief…she was so tired, we wore both girls out at the park, nursing her to sleep was easy.  It did not take long and several times when she startled herself awake, she was able to soothe herself back to sleep.  It was wonderful.  Dare I hope?  Has she turned another corner?  We will have to wait and see…

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