Chronic Pain Lottery

Hello out there.  I am looking for interesting cases to feature and treat.  Anyone who has problems that specialists have given up on may send me info to be selected for free treatments.  Please read my future posts on Medical Mysteries. Go to my website

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2 Comments on “Chronic Pain Lottery”

  1. Joslynn Says:

    If it weren’t for Dr. Hoang, I would’ve given up along time ago. She is MIRACULOUS! Before seeing her I went to Fucking Physical Therapy, which I will never do,nor will I let my Family go to.She has done MIRACULOUS work with my Husband Kris. He is a TRUE BELIEVER, after being a COMPLETE SKEPTIC while I went to see Dr. Hoang. Until he went to her. When my Husband talks about her he says,”UHHHHH I just can’t believe what she does, UHHHH I don’t know how to explain it.” My response, “I FUCKING told you along time ago, now YOU know what she does to me!”
    I wish I knew about her right after my accident. Instead a Physical Therapist who specializes in Sacral injuries had her FINGER IN MY VAGINA, to HELP calm the NERVES. Then sent me after for about 30 min. of PILATE MACHINES. I could Barely Move after. I did this M-W-F for months. I was having to have Nerve BLOCKS,Facet, EPIDURAL and Caudal every 5wks cause once the shots wore off after IRRITATING the SHIT out of my NERVES with her FINGER IN MY VAGINA. After the shots I was numb in there, WHAT a Fucking idiot I felt LIKE!
    Then MY NEUROLOGIST after I became incontinent and my NERVE PAIN OUT OF CONTROL, I followed my Dr’s orders and went to see Dr. Hoang, and I will NEVER STOP until I am HEALED. Due to the nature of my INJURY it was very COMPLICATED. But after my First Visit I sat on my ASS. WHY was I excited? I sat on a BIG RED RUBBER DONUT because my ASS was excruciating without the DONUT! From that day on I’ve never sat on a DONUT AGAIN.
    I have much more to say but Dr. Hoang is worth it to see. My life in terms of NERVE PAIN, and Nerve Pain is undescibable. Drugs were the only thing that worked until Dr. Hoang. I THANK DR. HOANG and GOD for being in MY LIFE! She is a TRUE HEALER!

    • letrinh Says:

      joslynn and kris are great patients. i have such fun with them (you ever hear of any doctor saying this about their patients?). it is kind of bizarre how the physical body, off kilter, can manifest symptoms and it can be so different on different people/systems; if anyone wants to see Kris’ testimony click on this link:

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