Doctor,what is that blue mark on my baby’s face?

I hear this question occasionally from mom’s who have already asked this of their regular pediatrician.  Usually the pediatrician doesn’t know or gives them an unsatisfactory answer.

This blue mark was not always apparent at the time of birth. It shows up later, dead center between the eyes right on top of the nasal bridge, usually after 4 months. In some babies as they get older, then it becomes thicker and very prominent. In boys you will see this mark in the active rambunctious ones who run, fall, crash and hit their heads often. This mark is a distended vein underneath the delicate tissues around the eyes and nasal bridge. As they age and continue with head trauma, there is back pressure in the venous system, that vein bulges and starts to thin and “carve out”  the overlying skin. In some babies, that mark is there from birth.

In infants, the head gets compressed during the birth process. Breast feeding immediately helps decompress and expand the cranium. Those bottle fed or very compressed from a long difficult vaginal birth will be more at risk. How do I know this, when other pediatricians don’t? Very easy.  I treat infants for all manner of problems. When I find head compression, I decompress and the vein(s) lighten immediately. In fact, I teach parents to watch it as a sign of increasing back pressure. It will coincide w/a number of issues – the child will start to get fussy, nap poorly, or wake up at night, the soft spot can be tight, hard and small.  This tells them when to bring the child back.  Check out my website for other photos of severely compressed heads.  I have tried to photograph and document the resolution of this vein after treatment but it does not stand up to my amateur camera; believe me, I have certainly tried.

Addendum: October 23, 2010.  It seems that since I first wrote this blog, this is the most popular search.  This blue vein is very common.  Please moms if you want to find an osteopathic physician near you google although I do have to warn you that I am not a member (secondary to politics plus I am good enough to succeed without need of their directory referral service).  I will also say that traditional (old fashioned 10 fingered) osteopathic medicine is very much like martial arts and results and styles of physicians may vary somewhat; one of my patients calls this work our ‘Jedi Arts’.  Whatever you do, do not seek nor allow yourself to believe that MDs, chiropractors, physical therapist and especially craniosacral therapists can get you my results.  It is too difficult. They do not have enough training. My results come about after training to become a pediatrician (4 yrs college, 4 yrs osteopathic medical school, 3 yrs pediatrics training) and 7 yrs of hands on experience.  This  proprietary knowledge of the traditional DOs is not shared with any other types of professionals. They are still unformed, their nervous system too new…

Addendum 2: March 16, 2014. There are infants and children who grow up to have a bluish tinge on the inside bridge of the nose near the inside corner of the eye. This is back pressure building up in an area deep inside the brain called the ‘cavernous sinus’ and usually results from…a face plant, in infancy either onto carpet, or worse, onto wood or tile floor. This area and this fall in early infancy is near impossible to cure. My baby fell (or rather i dropped her,face plant) when she was 2 months old trying to calm her excessive fussiness. My 83 year old physician mentor (50 years hands on experience) was able to treat her in 20 minutes (where other doctors failed) and cured her of her fussiness. She is now 4 years old and when she has sinus issues, the deep dark circles come out.

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67 Comments on “Doctor,what is that blue mark on my baby’s face?”

  1. Stephanie Says:

    So if my baby has the blue lines between her eyes what do I need to do and is this dangerous will I do away??? I have so many questions!!!!!

    • letrinh Says:

      it is not dangerous, not life threatening. in fact, kids grow up to be adults and live ok with these increased pressures and adapt to this over the years and do not know any different. i think life would be nicer and easier once they get treated.

      • Ginny Says:

        I live in Atlanta so I can’t come to your practice. I’m wondering if your book can tell me what to do. My 8 month old daughter has this vein and so did my oldest son. His is gone. Her head is very round, but it almost bulges it’s so round. I wear here & breastfeed her. She is a very sensitive sleeper, but a happy baby in general. She was a bit colicky at first. My oldest was forever colicky. What can I do since you say not all MD’s in this sort of practice use your techniques?

      • letrinh Says:

        please don’t worry. if she is now a generally happy baby, that means that her head is coping with the mild pressure, very good sign. isn’t round good? symmetry is usually also a good sign. your “forever colicky” first child might like cranial OMT. there are 6 DOs in georgia that do cranial OMT. i found them on look at the list and choose carefully. i usually recommend the ones in practice the longest and the ones who do it all the time. this is a skill set that becomes highly refined with age and experience. there is also an MD pediatrician who is on the list, but less experienced so…you will be able to figure it out…just do not settle for non-DOs, untrained ‘therapists’ to rub your children’s head…good luck.

  2. Carrie Says:

    If this is pressure related, is it safe to fly with my daughter? I suspected it had to do with head trauma, but our doctor just keeps saying it is just veins showing because she is so fair skinned. frustrating.

    • letrinh Says:

      yes, it is safe to fly with your daughter. This tiny vein is but a small tributary in a vast network of veins. yes, there is some small build up of pressure in this area from birth, from traumas; but like our roads, when there is an accident on the freeway that bottlenecks traffice or stops it outright, the surface or side roads can usually handle the increased pressure/traffice and do quite well…

  3. kathy Says:

    so my has a vein by the temple area that gets really dark and thick especially when he cries. sometimes it is almost unnoticeable under normal circumstances. It only started to show up lately around 5 months old. and i gave birth via c section. He has never had any head trauma. my pediatrician says its fine, but it just doesn’t seem normal to me. he seems like a normal baby though… any advise? this is related to what you are talking about? can it be fixed? are you considered a specialty…? would I need to be referred by the ped for insurance coverage with a HMO? if not covered how much is each visit ? thank you!

    • letrinh Says:

      wonderful that it is unnoticeable under normal circumstances. you can check his soft spot, if it is big and flat, that is a good sign. even though he was C-sectioned, some reasons why cranial bones may be “stuck” and cause veins to bulge may be: breech position, big baby, twins, positioned low, Braxton-Hicks, vomitting, post-dates. If he is a normal baby, there really is no reason to do anything. So normal to me would be – normal soft, soft spot. no other bulging veins, holds head symmetrically, eyes and ears are symmetric; good sleeper, happy baby, proportional and consistent height, weight, head circumference. yes, you can say this is a very esoteric sub-specialty. very few doctors know how to do this. HMO would not cover this. you would have to call and ask each doctor’s office about their experience and comfort level as well as charges. good luck.

  4. Haley Says:

    Thank you so much for your reply!!! I appreciate it so much!we will be coming in early April and I will call and schedule an appointment. Of course you can take a picture and I will update you on his progress. I’m so relieved to finally have answers. This is something I’ve searched since he was born and i finally found this article.
    I look forward to meeting you!

  5. Cro Says:

    Thank you for relaying this information, Dr. Hoang. My daughter has this vein visible since birth. She was breech position born via c-section. Doctors initially suspected craniostenosis at birth due to undetectable midline suture and small anterior fontanelle; however, this has since been ruled out. She has always had a smaller fontanelle but continues to develop typically at 9 months. Fine motor skills are WNL but she prefers to keep hands fisted and often keeps her thumbs tucked in while touching objects. I often wonder of there is a correlation between her fontanelle size and her fine motor skills and since reading this, I worry she may be experiencing discomfort despite being a generally happy child. Any guidance would be much appreciated. Thank you!

    • letrinh Says:

      i don’t know if i replied to your post or not. i apologize if i completely missed this one. Happy breech babies are fine; they have adapted. That history is still in there. Just today I treated a brand new 46 year old patient from another state and all her hip pain, her funny walk, her mild, minor depression, minor claustrophobia I attributed to her breech history. I was able to “unload” her mother’s liver from her head and I believe I got most of it. I will update her condition when she updates me in the future. it will be fine.

  6. Jennifer Says:

    Hi my 2 month old baby has the blue vein and I was told by my doctor not to worry about it. She’s bad it since she was born and it’s pretty noticeable at all times. However, my baby cries A LOT and I am concerned about her. I live in Delaware and looked on the list of doctors but I’m not sure what to say when I call. I also have said since day one that my babies head seems rather cone shaped. Am I able to send you a picture of it? My doctor also tells me that her head is normal. I’m starting to think she cries all the time because she’s in pain.

    • letrinh Says:

      hi jenny. you may contact me privately and i will find you the contact for one of us, an old school DO near you. yes. you may send me a photo. yes, you are correct, i believe she is in pain.

      • Jennifer Mark Says:

        Hi. I also live in Delaware and have 3 yr old son. He has everything that you are talking about. At 6 mo old he rolled off couch and face planted on rug. Hospital said he was fine. He has the vein on bridge of nose and right upper cheek. He was a very fussy baby and a horrible sleeper. He continues to have issues with sleep, constant sinus issues, dark circles under eyes, very active and has had several more hits to head over the years. I feel horrible, reading this article is like reading about my son. I did research this in the past and came across the sugar bug and my son is very sensitive to sugar. But all drs told me it was due to his fair skin. If you could let me know the DO in Delaware area it would be amazing! I feel this would be a miracle for our family. Thank so much for writing this article!

      • letrinh Says:

        go to physician directory; find someone who is old and experienced doing 100% osteopathy. i only found Laurence Bellew, DO 302-791-0600
        he may be a ‘natural’ and get you results same day; i am a tough customer and usually only give the DOs who touch me only one chance to see results. Another option is to go into his office, with my book in hand, Osteopathy for Children, marked at the section on “Injury Type: Rolls” He should be able to “get it.” good luck.

  7. Jennifer Says:

    My baby is a very happy baby but has the blue veib in the bridge and the blue in thr corners of his eyes. When he was 3 months I sat him in his seat on the table (where he was safe from his 16 month old brother) and where he was safe ended one day as his brother became tall enough to grab the seat and pull it off and it face planted baby. He cried for just a few minutes then seemed ok. No blue appeared until later which we took as bruising and seemed normal so we never took him to the doctor. He is a happy baby and sleeps well most the time. Then I looked at your website and I see things that may be wrong. His head has a large lumped shape behind his ear but seems rounded everywhere else and he also has the blue vein network on the sides of his head. Im now very concerned!!

    • letrinh Says:

      if he is happy and sleeps well there is no need to worry…yet. it seems that he is accomodating the injuury OK. babies, toddlers and kids can tolerate a little bump or two or three. i don’t like any kind of trauma but face plants are one of the OK ones and are easily treated later. we do get the side benefit of the shock to the frontal lobe of the brain; this is where we do our executive, multi-tasking functioning; so his brain cells here are going to form new and more connections. watch him and he will be a bright kid and a little on the hyper side; face plants usually lead to sinus congestion and darkness under and in between the eyes later. How old is he now? At such a young age, in infancy and toddlerhood you will not see the effects of this fall. It may play out in his body structure as he grows maybe at 3, 4 or 5years. My book shows you what to look for in the body: feet, buttocks, low back, chest, ribs, shoulders. Nothing dangerous, more a quality of life issue later…

  8. Raquel Says:

    Hi Dr Hoang I feel like a terrible mother because I have a 3 year old who I watched like a hawk & never had any accidents, but my 2nd baby fell off the lounge when I was breastfeeding late at night & fell asleep, he was only 8 weeks & it was onto a wooden floor, I took him to the hospital & he was fine but the blue line appeared on the bridge of his nose & it has gotten darker. He’s nearly 9 months old now, he also has visible blue veins across his forehead in a circle shape that go into his hair. We moved house & he has fallen off the bed twice, it’s a low bed, both times when I’ve been sleeping with him at night & he must have rolled, I usually put him back into the cot but again I fell asleep with him & woke up to him on the floor, the floors are carpeted, it happened last night & today I saw he has a blue vein near his eye under his eyebrow that wasn’t there before. I feel like his head is going to look all veiny & I’ve caused him damage, please help, will these veins go away? Does he need medical attention? He seems fine but I don’t know. I’m concerned about all these blue veins which are really obvious since he is very fair.

    • letrinh Says:

      not time to stress out…yet. most kids can tolerate a fall or bounce…life happens…if he is a happy kid, sleeps fine (easy to put down, doesn’t flop around all night, wakes up happy) then he might be able to adapt these past falls. life happens and any other accidents may decompensate him and he will have “disease,” most of which will be quality of life issues such as allergies, poor sleep, postural or gait subtle asymmetries…rarely dangerous or “damaging.” My book Osteopathy for Children explains in detail how these rolls and falls will affect his feet, posture and structure as he grows up…i also talk about a very safe way to help ease the trauma in the deep pelvic muscles that can later cause low back arching/tightness leading down to a stiff heavy walk or bouncy toewalking or early high arches…this safe way of exercising is very much like bicycling of the legs…he will show himself in 2 or 3 more years…plenty of time to observe, if there are no other history of long hard labor, car accidents, early dental or surgical interventions (also explained in book)…good luck…

  9. Kacey Sides Says:


    Thank you so much for this article. My 4 year old has a very visible blue line on the bridge of his nose and some days it appears to look black and blue. The veins sometimes can be noticeable around his eyes and to his temples as well. He was a very fussy sleeper since birth. I Breast fed him until he was 14 months old. The only trauma to the head he had was around age 3 where he fell back off a bench onto a concrete floor. He didn’t seem to have any large bumps or issues after that. He throws temper tantrums easy and has speech delays since before the fall. He is currently in speech therapy and is doing much better but you can see that he really struggles to say what he’s thinking sometimes. He still is not at the level a 4 year old should be. He also seems to have some minor sensory issues. I know something is just not right and I want to help him desperately. I wish we lived closer to come see you! I hope you can give me some advice or direction. We are currently going to a chiropractor but I don’t think that it is helping his condition. I saw that there is only one doctor in our area that comes up on the list. Any info you have would be helpful!! We live in Chattanooga, TN.
    Thank you,

    • letrinh Says:

      Backward falls can really knock the wind out of a person; it can be really scary; the fall crams the back occipital bone into the skull base and causes an opening to narrow. through this opening the veins of the head drain; when this drainpipe is kinked you will be backflow and venous congestion; veins are blue so you should see green blue bulging branches of river winding across the face and scalp. the opening also allows 2 nerves that control the tongue/back of throat -hence the speech issues. stop the chiropractic if you do not see improvement because high precision work should result in instantaneous changes. i checked one of our more “real” directories of doctors like me. input your location. i only came up with 2 names and they do not do enough osteopathy to get you the immediate results i want for your child. expand your search and several names popped up in georgia. it might be worth the drive. generally, you want a doctor who does osteopathy 100% of the time and look at how long they have been doing it. the older the more experienced, the better. you need to also talk to your doctor, have him examined and discuss slowing down or delaying his vaccines. the accident at 3 years old is traumatic brain injury. i’ve written mutliple times and places (book, website, blog) that i believe that autism is 1st a traumatic brain injury (or multiple injuries) followed by secondary biochemical (vaccines, meds, toxins, viral) or mechanical injury. good luck.

  10. Kacey Sides Says:

    One more thing I noticed from your pictures is his hair came in only on the top of his head. He was around 2 before you could see that it was slowly evening out. He was induced and pitocin was used. My labor was only a few hours though.

    Thank you again for your time!


    • letrinh Says:

      that probable was a ring around his head where he crowned at the point of greatest pressure/contraction. i find that infants that have problems are the ones that come out too fast (less than 6 hours) or too slow (greater that 16 hours). in labor the bones of the skull crank down gradually very much like moving gears; in fast labors, they are slammed and jammed. as the brain tries to grow the stuck bones don’t expand as easily. good luck to you in finding someone to help him. you instincts are dead on, trust it and let it guide you.

  11. Kacey Sides Says:

    Thank you so much for your reply. It gives me hope that we can help him. We do not do vaccines although I did initially start out with them slowly and then did more research and felt it wasn’t for us.
    How do I know what questions to ask the doctor to know if I’m going to the right one? I saw some that were a 100% and graduated between 1974-1989. I really wish you were closer!!

  12. Kacey Sides Says:

    I set him up with Richard Armond in Suwanee, GA. He is 2 hours away and is 100% Osteopathic and graduated in 1974. Could you look at his website and give me your opinion? Also, any questions we might ask to know we are in good hands.
    One more thing, we do Chiropratic care once a week for the last year and a half. Should we stop his completely until the Dr directs us?

    • letrinh Says:

      he appears to be very “old school” which is what you want. chiropractic is so varied in how it is taught with differing styles, my concern is that you have been going for a whole year and still with all those problems. doesn’t sound like he is progressing, why continue? yes, discontinue. i usually point out physical findings on my patients: veins, skin color, tone, nursing, mouth and tongue control, jaw freedom. a good osteopathic treatment should result in instantaneous, or at least by the end of the visit, visible changes in all aspects; one visit, i usually get 10-50% changes. expect and demand results of anyone you go to osteopathic, chiropractic, PT, herbalist, acupuncturist, any type of service providers.

      • Kacey Says:

        Good to know. We have an appointment for Wednesday. I will let you know how it goes. Thank you so much for your help. It means so much to me to be able to help our son be able to do all the things he struggles with and I’m praying this is what will do it. Again, thank you so much for posting this article and all the knowledge you have provided!

      • letrinh Says:

        yes, in the right hands, he has a great chance of living a normal life free from needing/dependent on anyone or anything including MDs, chiros, PTs, OTs and eventually even us DOs and ancillarys (meds, testing, etc.) and not getting stuck on any one “system.” yes, keep me posted.

  13. Kacey Says:

    So we went 3 weeks ago and are going again tomorrow. He said that we should come every 3 weeks because your body needs to heal and 3 weeks is the best amount of time. I really didn’t notice a lot of difference after the first appointment. Should I have? I’m just unsure what to expect…

    Thank you for your help!


    • letrinh Says:

      have an honest open discussion about what to expect with his doctor. i have to say that it may be that your child is complicated (when i re-read); i might have problems getting results myself. i may be frustrated too if i did not get my usual results. i like the long time in between for healing and waiting to take advantage of the child’s growth (i obsessed over my little girls speech – and her head and her teeth -all related to her lisp- for 4 years but did little about it; rather than risk hurting her, i watched and waited until i understood it, then treated her -my colleagues were unable to help her); she is 7.5 yrs old and about to complete her 6th speech therapy session and she is nearly perfect); it is always safest to wait rather than doing too much too soon, of anything.

  14. suz Says:

    I’m scared, a little freaked out.. my daughter is six now, but when she was a baby we went to get photos at jcpenny portraits, and my oldest a toddler at the time ran out of the room because they do not have gates, or allow for the door to be shut… at the time my little baby under 3 months is what I remember was laying on her back, and the photographer said, “I got her, go after the other daughter” I turned my back and I heard my daughter screaming and crying, that photographer let her fall, ,I was heartbroken, and very upset crying, then rushed that they needed the room for another appt.. lately I had been wondering what the blue vein was? Please tell me it’s not from her being dropped on her face.. yes,, she landed on her face/tummy etc.. One of the most upsetting things I’ve EVER experienced…

    • letrinh Says:

      if she is doing well then clearly she is adapting well from the fall. Babies have that blue vein from birth after long labors, big babies and small maternal pelvis and a few other factors, without having falls…so don’t feel bad…i don’t think the fall is responsible.

  15. Suzy Says:

    Hi Dr Hoang, my 3 months daughter has eczema. Two days ago, she was rubbing her cheeks constantly because her eczema flare up. She was rubbing her cheeks on the chest of my helper who happen to wear black shirt. I initially thought the bluish mark on her left cheek is the dye of the shirt that got to her cheeks because of the constant rubbing.

    However until today the bluish mark looks like her vein. I am scared to see that it has not fade away. She is a little bit cranky than usual. She is born via csection.

    Please advise.

    How can I show u her photos.


    From Singapore

  16. Madison Smith Says:

    Dr Hoang- Hello. My 3 month old baby has had I head trauma that I’m aware of. The only thing at birth was a true knot in the umbilical cord. However my baby has always had sinus issue since birth and a bright blue vein in between the eyes. He has trouble sleeping because he’s blocked up in the morning but otherwise a very happy baby. What can I do?

    • letrinh Says:

      seems like have already notice some symptoms. long hard pregnancies, long hard births or just even the consequence of being human can cause that vein. Absolutely no danger if left alone – more a quality of life issue. see a doctor at (disclosure: nothing to disclose. i am not even a member).

  17. Sarah Justesen Says:

    My baby girl (9 months) has this blue mark near her inner eye/corner of her nose, no fall in early infancy. I feel like the blyear spot has always been there and that it was a result of her forcep delivery. Lately people have begun to mention the spot to me, asking if she bruised herself. I looked back at old photos and realized the forcep mark was actually on her opposite eye. She is very pale (as am I). She is a happy baby, does not cry much, but does not sleep the best. Is it something I should worry about?


  18. Danielle Says:

    Hi Dr. Hoang, I am so thankful to have found your blog, I have really loved reading your sound advice and information. My son has this blue vein.. I delivered him naturally after about 6-7 hours of labor. He did have a pretty small soft spot that his doctor actually commented on, saying it was “nice and small”. But now I’m reading from you that this may be a negative thing. I am also noticing the blue marks on the insides of his eyes.

    Overall, he is a pretty happy baby. The biggest issue we are seeing is with his stomach. I am breastfeeding him and around 2 months of age he started having tons of mucous in his stool. I’ve since stopped eating dairy and soy and the mucous has cleared up. But now he gets painful, VERY foul smelling gas and does not poop for several days (I know this can be normal, but the pain it’s causing him can’t be normal.) I have spent the last month stressing myself out by eliminating more and more foods (gluten, eggs, onions, sugar, etc..) to try and figure out what is going on and nothing seems to be working. I hate seeing him in pain (especially from something in my milk) and desperately want to help him. What can I do for him? Do you think the stomach and the vein/blue marks are related?

    I checked the website you posted and found one DO in my area (Jacksonville, FL) who graduated in 2014. I’m guessing he is not the right person to see. I’m sure there are great DOs out there, like you, who are not registered on that website. What should I ask/look for when searching for the right doctor?

    • letrinh Says:

      kudos to you, wonderful mommy! good job for trying to do some detective work with your elimination diet…i went to the website and expanded the search to 100 miles and found several great experienced doctors. In my office, i always offer parents the conventional approach (G.I. specialist referral) as well as what i do with osteopathy and homeopathy so they are fully informed of all the possible options and approaches; yes, we don’t like seeing our children uncomfortable, much less in pain. yes, there are some other things that can be done. your journey is just beginning. good luck.

      • Danielle Says:

        Thank you for your response! I will expand my search and will seek out someone who is experienced in OMT.

        Would you say that the painful, foul smelling gas & pasty poop is a sign of a food intolerance or something else? I just want to make sure I’m not putting all of this effort into food elimination if something else can be done as well (or instead).

  19. Veronica Resa Says:

    Hi, my 14 month old son has had the blue vein for quite some time. He fell off the bed at 4 months and off the couch same month both onto hardwood. He’s quite daring so he’s fallen a lot but he wakes up a lot at night more so since turning one and for a few months now he’ll grab at his face right between the eyes and appears uncomfortable and whines, but immediately seems better. He was born c-section and is a pretty happy baby but at times grouchy only when tired, hungry, or bored. Is there something I can do at home? We are not wealthy and husband actually just lost his job. I also read this blue vein is a sign of the MTHR gene?

    • letrinh Says:

      rolling off the couch and falling onto hardwood; babies usually bounce back and do not have problems until they try and grow. there will be tensions in his hips; the side that he fell on and hit the floor will be a ‘tighter’ hip. a cheap easy at home nightly exercise that you can do for him that will help reduce the tensions are leg/hip exercises that i teach parents; the exercise is essentially, gently rolling him into the injury and then rolling him the other way to release and then balance the injury. my book Osteopathy for Children describes this safe exercise you can do at home and will also explain what other parts of the body to look at and explains in greater depth; blue vein does not mean MTHFR.

  20. Claire Williamson Says:

    Hi Dr Hoang. I am from the UK but came across this thread when looking into my son’s veins between the eyes. My son is three years old (almost four) and has had this since a few months old. At the time I asked his GP who said that it was nothing to worry about and that he would reassess if still there at the age of five. Since then I haven’t looked into it further, until now. My son has flown on a plane and two blue circle shapes have appeared on his cheeks, they seem to be symmetrical and have stayed for five days now. Do you think that these could be linked and be as a result of plane pressure? Or is it more likely they are not linked and are a reaction to the sun? (He has been abroad before and this never happened). I aim to take him to the GP as soon as he returns from his holiday with his grandmother but I am really worried about him flying home. Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks.

    • letrinh Says:

      the blue circles you describe, on cheeks??…odd; i cannot comment because i have not seen or heard of this before…yes, he should be evaluated. sorry i can not advise.

  21. Brittany Says:

    I came across this while searching for ways to eliminate my daughter’s vein with oils or something. She is now 8 and was born with the blue vein on the bridge of her nose. The delivering ob and pediatrician said it would go away as she grows. Well it hasn’t. She was a perfect baby, not fussy and started sleeping through the night at 7 weeks old. She is now very smart straight A’s and in gifted and talented. She isn’t hyper (more on the lazy side) but plays sports. She tells me all the time she can’t wait to wear makeup to cover it up. I don’t even notice it anymore but it is there and dark blue not raised. After reading everyone’s comments unfortunately I do not think oils will make it go away for her.

    • letrinh Says:

      apologies for this late response…access issues…you are correct…oils will not make it go away. i hesitate to advise because i generally do not do cranial osteopathy for purely cosmetic reasons. so i would look for other signs related to it currently. often, i look to behavior and sleep to get a sense if there are quality of life effects. for sleep-grinding of teeth? sleep walking? sleep talking? tossing and turning? sluggish in am? takes a long time to fall asleep? treatment will help this quality of life/sleep. if you get good treatment, these should resolve and the vein will eventually too.

  22. Annmarie tineo Says:

    Hi.. mi daughter now 13 month old has the blue vein on her nose also… I’ve told her doctor and all she can tell me is because she’s pale white..she’s a light sleeper and still does not sleep through the night.. she’s a happy baby though. When she cries u can really see it.. I am concern and would like more help and more answer plsss.. I live in New York. Can u direct me to the right direction or what can I tell my pediatrician? HELP

  23. Elaine Says:

    hello i have a 1 year old boy that also has this blue vein in between his eyes on his nose. i have hardwood floors throughout my entire house. he has fallen off the couch onto the floor about three times. i believe the line also came after he was born sometime. i cant say it came after a fall though. i am not sure if these things go hand in hand but he likes to throw tantrums and throw his self back which results in him hitting his head a lot. he goes down for naps and bed ok but he wakes up alot during the night to breastfeed. not sure if this is connected but he also hits and pulls hair a lot. he seems to be a “mean” kid at times but he can be super sweet and cuddle. i feel he gets like a mean strike through jim and he will hit you or pinch. i feel so bad because hes my baby and if there is anything i can do to make his life easier i definitely want too! what do you think? are all these things connected? he alsi has gotten all his vaccines, which also scares me because i was so uneducated before on them and i now know the damage it can do to your little one as well.

  24. Sandy bernache Says:

    Hello Dr. My daughter is now 7 months old and she has had a blue vein between her eyes on the bridge of her nose since birth. She’s typically a really good baby, only cries when she’s tired, hungry, or she has a dirty diaper. During the night, she sometimes wakes up once to eat, or just wakes up to play if we had put her to sleep to early. I haven’t asked her pediatrician about it yet because I haven’t thought much about it until now. Is this something that I should be concerned with? Baby has never fallen off anything but when she was a few weeks old, she had a small head butt with her uncle who is 5 years old. She cried a little and then was fine. Please advise, I get worried that it may be painful for her.

  25. Sara Curtin Says:

    Hello. My little one fell backwards and hit her head on our wood floor. She seemed fine shortly after the initial tears. But I’m noticing the blue around inner corners of her eyes. She’s still happy and is crawling and standing up without a problem. She gets fussy sometimes and there are days where her naps are shorter than other days. Should I be looking to seek care for her?

    • letrinh Says:

      yes. it is all related. children are so amazing, they have the capacity to absorb a lot of trauma and still be sweet and mostly happy. yes, her quality of life can be better. find an osteopathic doctor (hopefully,also a pedicatrician) at
      Good luck.

      • Sara Curtin Says:

        I can only find ones that are family medicine not specifically pediatrics. I’m in Charlotte NC. Would that be fine?

  26. Olga Says:

    Dear Dr. Hoang, I am so grateful I found your web site and clear explanation of the blue “bruise” on the baby’s nose bridge.
    My son had it since he was born.
    The pedeatritian in the hospital as well as the one that we visit regularly – both say nothing to worry. But… but I blame the vacuum extractor, which was used in my not very easy delivery. It took only 4 hourse since my water broke till they put my son on my belly.
    The delivery was going well, although very fast (he’s my first-born), but at some moment baby’s heartbeat started to slow down and became ~90, I got the oxygen mask, my doc. said – the head was too big and got stuck, for that reason she had to use the vacuum extractor…. I was scared to death.
    When I saw my baby-boy face – he already had this blue vein on his nose bridge. I don’t need to be a medical doctor to understand – the reason was this “intervention” in the normal delivery:( Although, there was no other way to deliver him – too late for CS.
    My son is now 3 months, thank God, he is a healthy and normally developing boy, but this blue mark is always reminding me of the pressure that he might have in his back/head or smth. like that.
    I am planning to show him to the osteopath in a fee weeks to find the reason out (hopefully, the vein will faint one day).
    By the way, are osteopath and manual therapist the same qualification? Who’s better in this case?
    Thank you one more time for this information!
    Kind regards, Olga

  27. Sim Says:

    I have a 4 month old boy and he has this blue line across the bridge of his nose since birth. His was a normal vaginal birth and there was no trauma involved and his head is pretty round and a good shape. But he is a very unhappy baby. He also has silent reflux and takes rantac for it, and jt seemed to have helped his reflux issue but he is still an extremely fussy baby and cries a lot as if he is in pain. I have done eveythjng and nothing seems to help. I live in Jacksonville fl . Can you please suggest where I can take him or if you think he needs to see someone? Thank you!

  28. Sabbie T Says:

    Hi dr Hoang

    My baby (4.5mths) has this blue vein between her eyes and I also noticed her cranium is not shaped properly with a “dent” or depression in the front. She looked a bit like she has this bulge in the front (almost like the luohan fish in Asia). I could send u a picture if u could provide an email address.. pretty similar to he pics you have posted.

    She’s been sleeping very poorly – v sensitive to slight noises (even tho we have white noise, rain sound), acutely aware of surroundings. She also keeps shaking her head profusely as if fighting sleep even tho she’s clearly tired. And she’s now also drinking significantly lesser possibly due to over fatigue.

    Would really appreciate some advice and help..

    • letrinh Says:

      Please first make sure she is seen by a her pediatrician. After we know that she is safely growing and gaining weight, then we can tie all these symptoms together and get her treated. You can find a cranial osteopath (physician) near you at Make sure they are licensed DO (doctor of osteopathy) in your state’s osteopathic medical board.

      • letrinh Says:

        That last statement was just extra cautionary as there are craniosacral therapists who claim to do the same thing – craniosacral therapists do not have medical training.

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